"Over more than a decade that I have briefed Jodi, I have found her to be a hard-working, loyal and tenacious barrister. She is a fearless advocate with a strong presence in the courtroom that gets results. Jodi is easy to work with, personable and a genuine person".
Partner, Kennedys
"Jodi’s advocacy is direct, clear and incredibly persuasive.  In cross examination, I have watched as Jodi has inflicted terminal damage to opposing cases and witnesses, including leading experts in niche and technical fields.  I see Jodi as a “go-to” barrister for difficult, complex and novel cases".
Principal, Thompson Cooper Lawyers
"I have known and worked with Jodi Steele on many cases since Jodi was called to the bar in 2002. Even as a reader it was apparent to me that Jodi was to go on to become one of the leading construction barristers in New South Wales. Jodi is highly intelligent, hard working and incredibly easy to work with. Jodi excels at the management of large, complex matters where she combines her legal acumen and strategic insights so as to achieve successful outcomes for her clients. Jodi is my leading go to person for the most difficult cases".
CEO and Principal, Davidson Legal, Consulting, Advisory
“As a special counsel specialising in construction law, I have briefed Jodi to appear on a number of cases. Jodi has excellent analytical skills and pays great attention to detail, which means that she is well-prepared to deal with any challenge that a case brings. As an advocate in court, her submissions are methodical and clearly presented, and her skills at cross examination have been highly praised by the judiciary. I would not hesitate to recommend Jodi”.
Partner, Eakin McCaffery Cox
"Jodi is a well prepared, easy to work with and very knowledgeable barrister. She made me feel comfortable every step of the way, carefully explained courtroom procedures and I was confident in her ability to achieve the best possible result. She is a fierce advocate – I am glad I wasn’t being cross-examined by her!”
Managing Director (Client)